A long-envisioned sculpture, brought to life

While I'm perhaps best known for my figurative work, I find as much pleasure in creating organic, nature-inspired forms.

A couple of years ago, I created four "branch" forms about 24" long. After I bisqued them, I let them hang on my studio walls for many months, confident the time would come when they would speak to me about what kind of glaze they wanted.

I've always had in mind to do a piece called "Mixed Forest," that recalls the variety of trees found in the woods. That led to my glazing plan. Since it was winter - though it sure didn't feel like it here in Houston - I decided to use a Cone 6 "Marble" glaze from Tom Spleth, to create a surface that looked like snow. I used underglaze to layer colors such as blue and chartreuse under this semi-translucent glaze, to suggest hues encapsulated in snow.

When the pieces came out from the glaze firing, I thought they were a little too white, so I used a sepia acrylic ink wash to create a variety of woodsy tones on top of the lucious, milky white. I'm very happy with the final "Mixed Forest," and it's hanging right now in my studio at The Silos - #211.

Mixed Forest, 2016; each piece approx. 24" x 2" x 3"